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Hiring Process

Hello all,

I recently Received a response to one of my proposals today. The client told me to email them which is not outside of the ToS as I understand it. I told the client in the email I can start the job but I would like to conduct all future business on Upwork as it allows for easy billing/tracking. They responded and said they don't use third party applications which is why they paid Upwork for the job post. Should this raise any red flags?


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You must report this client. It is a red flag and Upwork is not a third party. It is a first party. Tell the client you would be happy to work for him/her, provided they set up a formal account with Upwork either on a tracked hourly basis or as fixed price but with escrow funded for the full amount. If not you are not interested. 


You really must read all the help pages for freelancers and Upwork's Terms of Service before you apply for any jobs.If you scroll down you will find what you need under "resources". Or on the "New to Upwork" page the first greyed out thread that is by Upwork. 

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Community Manager

Hi Daniel,


While it's not against the ToS for you and your client to communicate off Upwork if you both are okay with that, however, the client will need to hire you on Upwork so all payments are done through the platform. Could you please send me a private message with more information and a screenshot of the client's messages to you? I'll have the team review this situation.


Thank you!

~ Bojan
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