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Hiring my freelancer direct, having a milestone not posting it for general viewing of many others.

Hi,  I want to hire a freelancer that I didn't hire months ago.  I don't want to post the job as a request to all freelancers, just simply hire her direct.  She said the only way she knows is that I need to post it to all freelancers so she can apply for it, only then I'll receive a lot of freelancers trying to get a job that does not exist for them, it's for the freelancer I want to directly hire.  How do I hire her?  Thanks!  Mike

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HI Mike, visit her profile (ask her to send you the link) and use the "Hire" bottom directly.

Hi Elba!  Thanks very much for taking your precious time to reply.  I'm very grateful.  I'll leave this question open just in case I do something wrong and can ask you again.  Top of the Day! Mike

Thank you for this, you saved me from a very frustrating situation. One would think that Upwork would try to understand that a client just might go to the "hire" function  to, you know, hire someone that they have found and corresponded with on Upwork and offer the option of hiring a specific person  instead of insisting that you review all the candidates that their algorithm insists you look at - whether or not the person you want to hire is in there.


Upwork is obtuse. Someone should introduce them to a discipline called UX. I know they've never heard of it before - maybe they'll google it and learn something.

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Hi Mike,

If the freelancer applied to a job you posted a few months ago and you didn't hire her then but would like to now, you can click on the 'Jobs' tab at the top of the page, and go to 'All Job Postings'. From there, find the job posting that the freelancer applied to and click on the 'Review Proposals' tab where you should see the freelancer's name in the list . You can also select the freelancer from the 'Archived' tab if you've archived them. Once you see the freelancer's name, you will see a  'Hire freelancer' link on the right hand side. If you've archived their proposal, you will first need to un-archive it and then proceed as stated above.


Hi Nina!  Thank you very much for taking your precious time.  I'm going to send this as a copy/paste to the person I'm hiring for a short beta read to let her know what I'm going to try.  Thanks because I think this will be an easier route as I'm so foolish how I go about trying to do the right thing.  I'll leave this open just briefly more in case I run into a problem.  Sincerely, Mike

Hi Nina!

I go to Jobs tab and find no job proposals other than someone I hired months ago.  This freelancer is on my old list of freelancers who applied for my job and I ended up not hiring as I could only hire one.  I sent her a message okay.  On my own I went a way by clicking on what seemed logical and received a message that: "The freelancer's account is not available."  How can that be when she is on my old list of those not hired and I've been emailing her through UpWorks okay.  Does this mean she needs to re-register as a freelancer at UpWorks?  Thanks for taking the time!  Sincerely, Mike 

Hello Mike,


Try this. Start a new job posting, but make it invite only. Then just invite the freelncer you are wanting to hire. 

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Hi Katrina!  Thanks for responding!  I don't want the freelancer, and editor doing actual detailed editing,  I already hired to feel bad I'm asking for a Beta Reader, so I'm trying to do it direct and now have the message the beta reader that applied to me months ago it notes "The freelancer's account is not available."  I emailed that freelancer and will see, only I've been successfully emailing her in UpWorks fine, so I don't know why I receive such a message.  In the end I might just not hire her and keep on with the fantastic editor I have... only I just wanted someone who never read of my story to comment reading just for flow on the first chapter.  I get nervous with all the buttons here and way too much time from my writing trying to figure this out so I might just not hire her and "don't worry be happy".  Thanks! Mike    

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Hi Mike, sorry for the late follow-up. You can ask the freelancer to share her profile link and should be able to hire her directly from her profile by using the Hire Now button.


Please pm me the link so I can take a look since it sounds like there might be an issue with their account, that is preventing them from receiving an offer.

~ Vladimir
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