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Hiring my friend or knowing person under my agency are against the terms of up work?

Hi.  To develop a team I wish to hire my frinds or knowing person under my agency! Is this ethichal or against the upwork terms? 


ALSO he can bid for his personal profile?


Let me clarify above concern.




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Hi Sreeraj!


I don't see anything wrong or against policy with hiring your friends or people you know.  Actually we would highly encourage you to bring more people to the Upwork platform.  Your teammates will still be able to submit their own bigs on their personal profiles but remember that your agency logo will be displayed on there as well.

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Retired Team Member

Hi Sreeraj,

You can invite your friends to you`re agency as an exclusive members and they will be able to work only on projects under you`re agency. In order to be able to submit proposals as freelancers they will need to submit their profiles for a review, if their applications are accepted they will be able to bid on projects as freelancers.
If you would like to learn more about agencies you can visit this guides: About Agencies and Manage an Agency.

~ Goran

Ok! I wanted to use my friend's talent for my business. I understand I can hire him under my agency? 


ALSO am I able to give first gig for him as a freelancer? 

Hi Sreeraj,


You can make your friend a team member in your agency but please note that agencies do not hire freelancers. Agencies, as well as individual freelancers can be hired by clients only, not other agencies.

If you want to hire your friend for a job then you will need to create a client profile on your account and it will need to be a real and legitimate job that you are in need of and that your friend has the skills to complete.


Your constant desire to to hire friends and your wife etc hints very strongly at what you are really doing (see your previous posts along the same lines)


Unless you want to head straight for a permanent ban of your Account I would most strongly suggest you do not try to manipulate the system to attempt to get people approved or to get them fake feedback etc. 

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