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Horizontal bars going across video when using Zoom

I tried my new usb web cam during a meeting. It causes fixed horizontal bars across the screen. I am nearly certain it is from the refresh rate of the camera and the lighting in the room.


How do others get around this issue? I can't imagine I am the only one that is using a web cam, windows 10, and am in a room with LED or flourescent lighting... Just thought I would see if others have been able to solve this.


FWIW, it looks worse when using the Zoom call via Upwork chat...


Thank you!!


Hi Dustin,


I'm sure other community members would be happy to share their tips with you, but I would also like to share this help article which contains helpful information about the Upwork call feature. 

~ Joanne

Thnaks, Joanne. I took a look at the link but was not able to find anything pertaining to camera settings, at least settings pertaining to the issue at hand.


I am quite confident it has to do with the rolling shutter speed of the camera being in sync with the lighting, but I just don't know what to do about it, and would be surprised if no others have run into the issue before.



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