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How I Protect Myself from never being Scammed here on Upwork!

I keep seeing posts over and over of people falling victim to scams. 90% of the time it's because they were asked to reach out to the client off Upwork's platform. Such as What's App, etc. Just tell your client that YOU are not allowed to contact anyone off Upwork's platform (It's against TOS) until after the contract has started. All communication in the beginning should be here on Upwork, nowhere else.


Never ever send a deposit or any of your money to a client, This is definitely a scam if someone asks you to send or buy anything (Domain names, etc) with your own funds, Just Don't do it! 


Make sure that the client has been payment verified before starting any project. I'm sure I might have missed something, Veterans feel free to add to this post for newbie advice regarding scams!


I hope this helps someone,

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