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How Upwork algorithm works for Freelancers?

Good day to you.


I have created my upwork profile 2 years ago. During those days, I had a basic optimization done for the profile since I didn't have a proper knowledge on it. But during those days, I used to get responses for the proposals and invites to client job posts.


Due to some reasons, I had to discontinue my relationship Upwork. Recently I started working on the same profile again. This time, I have optimized the profile with the best practices like optimizing the title, description, choosing the categories, creating catalog, protfolio, etc. Also I am having a professionally crafted cover letter and a strategy to submit proposals.


Even though I am having a proper approach at the moment, I am not not getting any replies for the proposals or invites. Also my stats section is almost null, no profile views, no impressions/ no clicks.


It's appreciated if someone can point me out the areas that I need improve?


Thank you


Hi Ramesh,


Various factors go into search results, and results may differ over time, partly to allow more freelancers a chance to be discovered. Some considerations may include Freelancer skills, experience, platform ratings, and other elements geared toward determining a potential match for the client’s job.
Our search is based on several factors that continue to evolve. We cannot disclose exactly what makes up the rules for a search order, and those rules are likely to change, so any specific advice we could give you would be short-lived. Search is no longer mainly static, meaning it always stays the same. Depending on marketplace activity across jobs and contractors, a contractor's search position will likely ebb and flow.
Some sound principles to remember for ranking well in search are as follows:
  • Do good work for clients and establish good long-term relationships on Upwork.
  • Only apply to jobs to which you are qualified.
  • Be accurate in showcasing your abilities & skills on your contractor profile.

~ AJ

Hi Annie,

Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge. As you can understand, I am struggling to find a client. If the algorithm doesn't involve in attracting traffic, can you please spare some of your valuable tactics which would help me to find a client.


Thank you

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