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How can I get hired for a job.

Hi everyone.

I'm a copywriter and a flawless proofreading.

Just new to the Upwork space.

I've submitted proposals for the last 2 months and no response from any clients.

Need help.


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well, here is a tip: 
the first 2-3 lines of your intro are all that a client sees before clicking your profile (the about me sort of section on your profile) so maybe use that space better and try to put your persuasive skills within those frames and it might help out.

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Thank you sir

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It's not correct English to say "I'm a flawless proofreading" - it should be "proofreader". You'll have a difficult time getting a proofreading job if your profile or proposals contain any mistakes, so perhaps it's best to stay away from those kind of projects. And if you want to apply for copywriting jobs, you need to write some articles to put into your portfolio.

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