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How can I get my first job?

Hi, community please view my profile and suggest me some good about this platform

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if you have better idea or any skill in devlopment you got better opporchunity here..

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if you have better idea or any skill in devlopment you got better opporchunity here..

Would you please take a look at my profile and suggest some improvements? 

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Hi Noreen,


As they say, first impression lasts. So, make a brief and concise profile and showcase your skills. Then, try to ifentify your niche and stick to it. Find clients that are seeking for freelancers on the niche you've chosen. Submit a proposal that will target to solve the client's problem. Let them know how your skill can help their business grow. Everything else will follow. 

Good luck on your first job offer! 

Thank You Meann E


Regard Noreen Kosar

GIS Analyst

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If you are new to upwork and don't have any previous jobs on upwork then it might be hard to get your first job, because you don't have any experience on upwork and most of the clients want an experienced freelancer.

So here are few tips:


  1. If you have current clients outside upwork, ask them to hire you on upwork and finish their job with 5 star ratings and a good feedback. This way you can create some experience on upwork.
  2. When you are searching for jobs then be specific in keywords in which you are more experienced. Filter your job with
    1. Eperience Level: Entery
    2. No of proposals should be less than five or 10.
    3. Client should be verified.
    4. Client have good reviews from previous freelancer.
  3. Now start reading jobs and only bid to those jobs in which you are you cofident that you can do that job better than others.
  4. In your proposal only talk about the job solution and if possible guide them how their problem will be resolved. Provide them some references of your previous jobs related to their problems.
  5. Don't write any thing like (I have 10 years of expreience in this field and I am graduated from here) in your proposal. Client is only interested in the solution of his/her job so only focus on the job pain points.
  6. Welcome them with their name (You can find the name of client in their previous jobs feedback).


I hope these points will help you in hunting your first job on upwork. Beside this your profile picture would be professional and your about section should reflect the same niche experience in which you are huting your job.

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