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Re: My profile wasn’t review yet

Joanne Marie P Moderator Member Since: Nov 26, 2017
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Hi Yassin,


I checked your account and there is an incorrect spelling on your title. You also need to add skills and provide more information regarding your skills and experience on your profile overview section. For your reference, please check out the following links:


8+ Tips to Help You Create a Profile That Stands Out

Upwork Profiles: Why a Great Title and Overview Can Make a Difference

A How-To Guide for Your Perfect Profile Picture

Get Your Profile to the Next Level with an Intro Video

4 Ways to Create a More Successful Portfolio Regardless of Your Skill Set


After updating your profile, please resubmit it for review. Hope this helps!

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Sheraz M Member Since: Jun 8, 2019
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How i check my account is approved or verified ???
Community Guru
Riri A Member Since: Jul 21, 2018
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Hi Jeff,


I would like to confirm that your account registration has been accepted. I see that you have also already sent a proposal. Welcome to Upwork!


For help getting started, please read up on the freelancer resources for great tips and insights on how you can work successfully on the platform. For more information about working safely through Upwork, please read these tips for avoiding questionable jobs.

~ Riri
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Gabriela B Member Since: Jun 10, 2019
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Hello,I have sent an application on Thursday evening but no one review it since then.I haven’t received any email or message in order to find out if my application was approved or declined.What should I do?
Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Gabriela,


It looks like you haven't submitted your profile for a review yet. Please, make sure all the fields are completed and then click Review Application at the bottom of the page. Our team will reach out to you with the results within 24 hours.


Thank you

~ Bojan
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Muhammad Saad A Member Since: Jan 15, 2019
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How could i Confirm..Either my Upwork Account is Approved or Not??

Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Muhammad Saad,


Your profile was accepted and you have already selected a membership plan, feel free to start bidding on projects.

Please, check out these threads Getting Started on Upwork and Hiring Headquarters and find there some excellent articles and learn more about Upwork.

~ Bojan
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Kathi S Member Since: Jun 10, 2019
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I am trying to set up an account and I am having trouble with the address box. 

Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Kathi,


I checked this for you and I was not able to replicate the issue you are experiencing. Please, try clearing your cache and cookies and using a different browser to check if you are able to click on the field above the street field which is greyed, click the one with the text ''Start typing your address'' and you will be able to update your address information.


Let us know if you need further help.


Thank you.

~ Bojan
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Lydia P Member Since: Jun 10, 2019
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The system will not accept my address and keeps changing it to another city. I tried messaging a moderator because that was the solution posted in the forum, but the system says I do not have that priviledge or ability.