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How can I leave feedback for client on my hourly job?

I'm new to Upwork.

I completed a few fixed jobs and successfully end the contract fot them.

After then I started working hourly job and can also complete this project.

So client end the contract, and can see ending the contract.

But I can't leave feedback on this.


Here's what I've tried:

- Go to Report/Overview

- Click my job

- Click feedback tab

- Click give feedback

- Set options (Reason for ending contract & score of 0~10)

(On this screen I can't see any text-area for leaving feedback. There was this for fixed job)

- Click End Contract button.


But the End Contract button changes to Saving... button and no action is taking place.

Also I can't see this task is over in my profile even though the client has finished the task.

Anyone can help me?

Thank you.


Hi Vytautas,


I am sorry for the late response. Please allow until tomorrow when the billing cycle closes and the client is billed for the hours you logged. Let us know here if you still don’t see the option to give feedback on the contract then and we will assist you further.


Thank you,

~ Nikola

Hi Nikola.

Thank you for your reply. But still I can't solve this problem.

Could you please help me?

Hi Vytautas,

Could you try to clear your cache and cookies or log in via another browser to provide feedback for your client? If you're still experiencing the same problem after this, let me know. Thank you.

~ Goran

Hi Goran.


I usually use Safari, and I've tried several times in other browsers(Google Chrom) before to solve this problem, but it didn't work.
And I just tried again and it still doesn't work. (after clearing cookie & cache)
I can't figure out what I did wrong.


Thank you.



Hi Vytautas,

Someone from our team will reach out to you via support ticket in order to assist you further.


Hi Andrea.


I got a support ticket, but haven't been able to solve the problem yet.
The problem is that yesterday I did a simple horuly task and wanted to leave feedback about this project today, but the same problem occurs here.

It seens that this problem will occur in the future again.

Could you please fix this issue?


Best Regard


Hi Vytautas, 

Please follow up directly on your ticket with any additional information or questions you may have and our team will assist you further. Thank you.

~ Goran
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