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How can I sell my services well?

Hello dear clients

I have been on the upwork for 3 years, unfortunately without much success all the time. Recently I even feel that the possibilities that gave upwork are getting smaller and smaller. Increasingly good for customers who would like to run a serious business, but for its promotion do not want to spend more money than for a visit to the fast-food bar.
However, what worries me most is the fact that I have far fewer invitations to work than it was before.
I'm saying that it has to do with my profile. I wanted to ask you for help in its verification and possible improvement.


All Best


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The world is getting populated day by day and the amount of chance is going down with it. But the good news is, there is always something new to do. I mean, if upwork can't fulfill your needs then why don't you  trying some other ways. Because there are tons of other way to increase your income. Just utilize your time, and explore the internet, soon you will see the benifits of it. Why I'm telling this? Bcoz day by day online marketplace becoming more challenging for us.

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You will find hardly a client here in the community forum reading through the postings, maybe some helpful fellow freelancers, but in any case, your profile is not set to public therefore I can't see it. 

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