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How can I send my earnings to another account in the US?

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Can I send my upwork earning to a friend's account in the US? If not why?

Community Guru
to their Upwork account? no

but you can withdraw the money to your bank account, or Payoneer, or Paypal or whatever then transfer it to them

How about to a US bank account?

re: "How about to a US bank account?"



I ALAWAYS withdraw my earning to a U.S. bank account.


Upwork will be happy to let you do the same.


If you have a U.S. bank account that you are an official account holder of, using your legal name, then Upwork will allow you to withdraw your earnings to it.


It does not matter what country you live. Your citizenship does not matter.


You just need to have your legal name be an authorized account holder on the bank account.

So I cant send it directly to a friend? Well that sucks!

re: "So I cant send it directly to a friend?"


You can't withdraw your Upwork earnings into an account that you are not an account holder for.


But AFTER you withdraw your money, into your own bank account or PayPal account or whatever, you can send it to anybody you want. Upwork won't let you do that. But you bank will let you do that.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Siddhartha,


I can confirm that you can only use your own payment method with your name on it to withdraw your Upwork earnings.

~ Valeria