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How clients can notice my proposals

Hi Everyone,


I'm seeking for any advise on how I can be noticed by clients. I've been sending multiple proposals recently and the response rate is very low (1/20). I understand that most clients prefer experienced freelancers. I'm still new here in Upwork and it's kinda hard to impress a client if you don't have much experience yet, even you know to yourself that you can fulfill the requirements of those projects.


Is there something wrong with how I write my cover letter? is it my lack of experience? is it my profile?


Below is my sample cover letter. It is semi-templated but I always customize it to fit the job description of every project.

"Dear Hiring Manager,

Please accept my proposal for your job of Data Entry and Research work. I have been doing data entry projects, and I have scored 64 WPM with 100% accuracy in my recent take of Typing Speed Test.

I see that you are looking for a freelancer who can follow your instructions on what needs to be done on your given spreadsheet. My Upwork profile shows that I have successfully worked on my previous data entry projects. Please, feel free to review the feedback from my past jobs:
1. Research, Data Entry, and Excel
2. Merging 7 excel spreadsheet to into one


I'm available to start immediately. Let me know if you have any questions and when you would like to discuss our next steps.


All the best,
Carl M."


I would be very happy if someone who had the same problem before and successful now here in Upwork could give their piece of advice.


Thank you.

Community Member

Hi Carl, 


A little bit of advise. Did you consider the number of proposals sent on the job? The job time post? If not, Maybe it is the one main reason why you aren't noticed by clients because of competition. 


and If you want to win more clients, You can check this https://www.upwork.com/blog/2018/06/write-proposals-freelancers-upwork/

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