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How do I bill for previous dates?



I'm new to UpWork and just now poked around in the Billing section for a client.


I worked last Friday for 5 hours (4/13/18) but didn't log my hours here, thinking I could do it Monday (today, 4/16/18). UpWork won't allow me to backdate? Or am I not seeing where/how to do this??


Any help would be much appreciated!



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you can't add hours to last week's work diary after 12 noon UTC on Monday. Add them to today and bear in mind that non tracked time is not in any way protected.


Thank you, Petra! Will heed your advice.


BTW, what is the difference between 'tracked' and 'non-tracked' hours? How is one 'protected' and another not...?

Hello Rachel,


Tracked time are the time logged using our Desktop app. By tracking time, you'll be covered by the hourly protection for freelancers. Adding manual time allows you to add your untracked time in your contract. You need to have your client enable this first before you can add your time manually. Thank you.

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