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How do I do phone customer service from Romania in a country like the UK?



I live in Romania. Can`t find a job here so I decided to come here to upwork. I don`t have special skills so I decided to go on the Customer Service Route. My question is if I have a client that is from the UK and he also needs phone customer service what do i do? I have an old smartphone single sim iPhone 7. 


I have another phone that is not a smartphone but it has a carrier Orange it`s not unlocked. If the job post requests also phone customer service how do I solve the problem? DO I tell them to send me the money for an ORANGE SIM card and talk from here from Romania? How do you solve this problem I can`t seem to find a solution can someone please help me?

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Maybe Skype? 

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Can you attach a phone number to skype? so when they call the number your skype rings and you handle the client that way?

Anyway thanks that might be a solution but if someone else has something similar please tell me

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Google for DID numbers and SIP. It is most cheap solution.

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