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How do I file a dispute for non-payment?

I am a freelancer who hasn't been paid, and I'm trying to determine how to file a dispute. Your site gives the following instructions:



  • Under the My Jobs tab click “View Request” next to an ended contract
  • Click “Do not Approve” on the refund request and then click “Next.”
  • Fill out the form and provide evidence that the job was completed and the payment is due.
  • Click “Continue” to review and agree to the dispute process


I cannot find the "View Request" Tab anywhere.


Hi Andrew,


Could you please clarify if you're asking about getting paid for Fixed-Price Contracts? If so, then the instructions you shared are for situations when a client has requested an Escrow Refund and the freelancer would like to dispute that request.
If the client has not requested a refund and there are funds in Escrow on an active Milestone, the freelancer can submit the work for that Milestone and request payment. Once the freelancer requests payment the client has 14 days to review the work. If they take no action in those 14 days the funds are automatically released to the freelancer.


Hope this information is helpful,


Hi andrea, but what happens if tou submitted the work they said it was perfect but dont aprove the milestone? My client doesn't gives a feed back he just reject the work after 10 days and doesnt say anything. 

Hi Camila,


I'm sorry to hear that is happening. In this case, you can find instructions on how to Dispute Non-Release of a Milestone Payment here.



I tried to do that, but it is an open contract, when i click on "1 submit your request here" it instantly sends me to a chat that doesn't give me any solution

re: "I tried to do that, but it is an open contract, when i click on "1 submit your request here" it instantly sends me to a chat that doesn't give me any solution"


Sorry to hear this.


It's just a mess, really.


This is what I refer to as the "fixed-price loophole."


I don't know what you can to get your money. Maybe other people will have suggestions.


But at least you can NOT do any more work for this client until the client pays you what you are owed.


How much money is in escrow right now?

Let me speak very frankly about my own perspective and approach to this kind of thing.


I mostly work on hourly contracts.

I know that fixed-price contracts can become a mess if a client wants to unethical and exploit the "fixed-price loophole" by continually clicking on the "Request Changes" button.


That is why I don't accept large fixed-price tasks with clients I have not worked with before.

When working with an unknown, unproven client, I accept only a small initial milestone, such as for an hour or two hours worth of work.

And if the client plays games, I don't put up with it.


If a client tries to avoid paying by requesting changes, I'm likely to simply close the contract myself and be done with them. I just don't have time for that sort of nonsense. And then I won't work for that client. And the client is the one who has lost out the most, because my services are highly valued and I rarely accept new clients.


I really don't want to mess around with disputes. So I use the Upwork tools in a way that allows me to avoid doing so. If it's not such a big project, I can simply walk away and keep the work for myself.

I am not telling any other freelancers to take this approach. I'm just being honest about what I do.

Hi Camila,

I went ahead and asked the team to create that request for you. They'll be reaching out via support ticket to assist you further.


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