How do I get bad feedback removed?

I began a job for a client some weeks back, after supplying various versions the client became unresponsive. After trying to contact the client various times I ended the contract but left a very negative feedback score. 


After been paid I received an email asking me to revise my feedback. I did and left a postive version instead. 


Since then I have lost my rising talent status and have not been successful in any application that I have made.


After looking through my profile I have discovered that the client has left me a very negative review, claiming that the breakdown in the contract was my fault (which it wasn't) and scored me 1.0 on every aspect of the review.


Can I get the review removed?  I have contacted the client asking them to review their score but haven't heard anything back from them. This negative review is going to prevent me from being successful in any future applications, basically destroying my Upwork profile.


Hi Nick!


Sorry to see your profile!


This issue has been discussed on this thread:


Theank you Erwin.

The article is not conclusive, it suggests that I give back the money but this will not effect the bad review, so why give the money back?

I have tried contacting Upwork and asking them to remove the feedback, however I do not imagine that this will be very sucessful, so it just means that I will have to close my account and look at using similar sites.



You can if you are top-rated which you are not.


Your only other option is to refund the money to the client in order to have it removed from your work history. However, the private feedback will remain and affect your JSS. The damage has been done.



Feedback is only removed in exceptional cases. However, there is an option to respond to a client's feedback, but you have to do it within 28 days.


ETA: If it's not too late, then be very professional and brief - don't rant.




I have contacted them asking them to change the feedback, however they have not done so. I have looked at the clients previous work and it seems that they regularly give out bad feedback.


Upwork needs to offer more safeguarding for their freelancers!

Thank you Amy.


I think that you are correct.

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Community Manager

Hi Nick,


I can confirm the information other users shared already. In addition to the Help article Nichola linked, please check this post to further clarify all the details regarding our feedback feature. Note that the feedback your client left is not in violation of Upwork ToS and responding to it will give you a chance to share your side of the story.