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How do I get my first gig?

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Martina P Member Since: Jul 11, 2018
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Eugenia D wrote:

My name is Eugenia (Gina) Dubose and
I am very grateful to join your virtual community and I would like to find out how I can go about obtaining my first assignment to be of service.

Any valuable feedback from experience users would be greatly appreciate it.


Your new patient virtual colleague!


Virtual assistance is a field that is flooded with freelancers, many of them with an hourly rate a fraction of yours. 

In order to compete, you must stand out, which you don't at this point. Take tests, add your education, add work samples to your portfolio. (Billing of 1 mio USD is not that impressive, unless you billed your own services.)

Work on your profile, and be cautious what unsolicited offers you get. Those are scams. Don't cash checks. 

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Baris A Member Since: Mar 15, 2017
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Here is my 2 cents:


Dear Naphtali,


For starters apply only to fixed price voice jobs and always with a relevant short voice sample. Apply to jobs you can complete in a very short time and write when you can deliver the job. Use your writing skills for your applications. If you are going to include a short bio include it at the very end of your offer.  What you can do and when you can deliver in a couple of sentences should be enough with a similar/relevant sample.


You can start to apply to hourly jobs after you have some client reviews.


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Naphtali B Member Since: Jan 27, 2017
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Thank you Baris!!  большое спасибо!!  lol

I wil impliment your suggestions.  How about sharing a link to my blog for writing gigs?  it is wide and diverse like me.  It is controversial...should I share it or leave it alone until requested?


Major Props.



Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Naphtali, 


If your blog has ways of getting in touch with you outside Upwork, such as a Contact Us/Me page, please know that this is not allowed on your profile. 

I would recommend that you take snippets of your blog, or screen grabs of your blog entries, and then include it in your portfolio. This way, your potential clients will still be able to access it.

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Baris A Member Since: Mar 15, 2017
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Your title says:

"Precise prolem-solver, English Writer with over forty years in media."


I'd correct the typo there. Or change it with something like voice over artist, radio producer with 40 years experience or something like that.


How will people find you if they don't know what kinds of problems you solve? (online research problem solving?) Nobody writes "problem solver" in the search box. They write their problems to be solved.



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Kathy T Member Since: Jul 17, 2015
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You are all over the place with your skills. – voice over, blog writer, tutoring, office management….. Narrow it down to one or two closely related skills and concentrate on that. Once you have some jobs under your belt, you can then offer additional skills .

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Naphtali B Member Since: Jan 27, 2017
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Greetings, Kathy! I am working upon your suggestions right now,  Being that I have so many true "Hollywood" stories, memories, experiences from mostly my two score as a radio DJ and my English skills throughout as a English/Communications major at Adelphi University on Long Island, its difficult to narrow down, but I did.  Maybe I can always power up in the future... Major Props for your time spent to help me.  Cheers.