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How do I get support to reactivate a suspended account

Hi All - Account Suspended issue.... 1st time late...  probably last time given the dramas to get activated agian 

1. I've logged in... put in my password....  it saya it will send a code to my phone.... didn't arrive

2. I took the option "try another" method....  completed the form tied to submit... kept asking to complete all fields... "but didn't highlight" the missing fields... which was date PayPal was registererd ((which wasn't relevent to my account as I don't use it)

3. Put in false date... and finally it submitted my request to have my login re-actiavted.... 

So what do I do now... how do I see how request is progreesing 



Hi Peter,


I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. Could you please click on my name next to this post and send me a private message with the Upwork username or registered email address of the account in question so that I can check and assist you further?


Thank you.


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