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How do I leave a positive review for my freelancer?

I was really happy with the work that my freelancer did for my company, but I can't figure out how to post a positive review on the platform for her.  Please let me know how.


thank you,



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It is impossible for a client to close a contract without being presented with an opportunity to leave feedback.


In fact, if you do not leave feedback (at least in terms of star ratings), you are not allowed to close the contract.


The only way to end a contract with a freelancer and NOT leave feedback is for you to ask the freelancer to close the contract herself. Then she will be required to leave feedback. And you will have a 14-day window in which you can leave feedback. But you would not be required to leave feedback.

I did not leave a written review because I needed one issue remedied. I did leave her a 5 star review but I want to add to it. The illustrator is **Edited for Community Guidelines** and she is amazing.


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Hello Belinda,


You can only give a feedback to your freelancer when the contract is ended. Clients give two types of feedback regarding their experience with a freelancer:

  • Public – Comments and star ratings that are shown on the freelancer’s profile. Requires minimum net contract payment of $1 to be visible.
  • Private – Used by Upwork to assess the freelancer’s Job Success. This is an opportunity to provide information to Upwork that you may feel uncomfortable sharing publicly.

You may learn more about that here. Thanks!

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