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How do I upload my certificates

 Hello Community


My name is Bulbul Ahmed and I am a very new freelancer on Upwork. I have a couple of certificates that I get from Udemy. But when I try to upload into my Upwork profile I did not get any option for it. 


Would you guys please explain me what can I do not because I want to make my profile more professional by uploading my certificates. 


Looking forward to your replies. 



Bulbul Ahmed. 

Community Member

Udemy etc certificates can't be added to the Certificate section.

You can add them to your portfolio if you like.



Thanks for your suggestion 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Bulbul,


Petra is correct, you can check the list of currently supported certificates here, use the option to suggest a certificate, available when you try to add the certificate, and include the certificates you hold in your Portfolio for the time being.

~ Vladimir
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