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How do I win project easily?

I've tried for so long to win projects here on Upwork to no avail. I have a great portfolio. It seems there are no many serious clients these days. How do I easily win projects?

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I do 2 things to receive 100+ Invitations every month on Upwork. I keep my Profile updated to the current algos and upskill 2 hours a day to hot in-demand skills that clients can't wait to have access to.

Hi William,

I've been following on Upwork forums for the past three months, and you are truly an inspiration to me. I aspire to become a successful freelancer like you. Currently, I am studying at university and working as a freelancer. I am a passionate and hard-working professional.

If you have some spare time, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you could offer on how to navigate the path to success as a freelancer.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Muhammad Umar



The best degrees to obtain in this new business era is either economics or physics with a minor in business. Focus your spare learning time and work on anything to do with AI. Think Elon Musk; these are his degrees.

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simple: it is not easy.

Tural Babashov
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