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How do Pre-Packaged Projects on the Profile page work?

While completng one of my profiles, I saw an option to create pre-packaged projects. I created one but I don't know what to do next. I have a client who wants to buy the project so I have submitted a request to have my account made public. Will they be able to click on and hire me? Is that how this works? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Cindy,


It looks like your profile is public. Pre-Packaged projects allow clients to have a better understanding of the deliverables, time needed, and cost of projects. They can click the Start an Offer button next to a Pre-Packaged project and send you an offer related to it. Alternatively, they can invite you to a job they've already posted or send you a direct offer not related to the Pre-Packaged Project. 

~ Bojan

Clients only see pre-packaged projects on my Profile?

Hi Nurillo,


Currently, yes. Soon, we'll start sharing these projects on new marketplace pages so that clients can easily shop for pre-defined projects without having to create a job post. Once those pages are available, we'll let the community know.




Good evening!
Is creatig special marketplace being planned to be created soon that is to say this or next month?

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