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How do you block a scammer completely?


This is the second time I get a request from this guy.


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The guy doesn't even publish a job proposal. He starts a contract straight away with me.
How can I stop this from happening? And how can I block the guy completely?

FYI, I know he is a scammer not only because he started the contract out of the blue, but because I spoke to him the first time and he insisted on sending me the brief in a zip file. I downloaded it and passed it by my antivirus, which confirmed it had an .exe file which was a malware/virus.

So please help me block this guy and prevent anyone from opening a contract with me out of the blue. I can now see his old contract under "My Contracts" and it annoys me that I cannot delete it.


Edit: Ok I declined the offer. Now how can I remove this old offer from the same guy 2 weeks ago? Is it going to show up permanently there because I accepted it? 

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