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How does getting paid work on here?

Hi, I'm new here and I've recently landed a job. I get paid 10$/hr with a 5hr/week limit. On my contract it says Ive earned $50 since start. But when will I receive this money? When I check my balance on the "Get paid" tab it says $0?? I don't really understand. I have my bank already on there and I set it to weekly pay.


What does "Only when my balance is $100.00 or more" mean? Does that entail that I get access to this money only if I earn 100?? So on Febuary 8 (when I'm suppose  to get paid) I dont receive anything? lol


Please help! I'm really confused.


How was your profile was approved? Are you even old enough to work here?

If you didn't have any intentions on answering my question, then why even comment? And yes I am old enough to be on here and I think I do a pretty good job at what I do. I'm happy that my client overlooked my "profile" and gave me a chance to showcase my capabilities. I received a notification hoping someone actually answered my question, and unfortunately I was met with an unecessary.



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Shane, you have to be 18 to work as a freelancer on this site. Most likely you will go through the verification process and will need to prove since you’re still in high school.


The category you are in, is highly completive and highly saturated. There are hundreds of writes/proofreaders who have years of experience. You were EXTREMELY lucky to have landed a job so quickly and with the profile overview you have Your luck may run out after this job.


You portray yourself as not really knowing that much. That you’re on here to learn to improve When you write your proposal, you need to separate yourself from all the other professional writers. What makes you better than them? Why should a client hire you?


Also, you have no portfolio. A client can’t judge how good you are just by that overview.

Finally, you need to change your picture to one of actually yourself otherwise, your account is going to be suspended and then it won’t matter what your profile says.


As to your question,  is your contract fixed rate or hourly. And if hourly, are you using the Time Tracker and entering notes on the screen shots?


I completed my profile when I was a senior in high school. I am a freshman in college now and I just updated my profile to reflect that.


And yes, I am aware I need to do a verification. I cannot send any more job proposals until then and I'm waiting until someone can respond back to that verification request.


I understand that there are a myriad of people on this site who are more qualified and have those years of experience, which is why I ventured out of  limiting myself to that category and explored other jobs.


I'm not really portraying anything though, I'm just stating facts. I cannot put myself on the same position as a highly qualified proofreader/editor, so I think it's kind of inappropriate to portray myself as being more superior than other professional writers. Writing is something I just really like to do and my basis for my skills is the feedback I get from my English teachers. If someone is willing to give me the opportunity to proofread for them, then of course I'm going to give it my all and try as hard as I can not to have my lack of experience reflect the outcome of my work. I don't really feel the urgency to change my profile description.


Thanks for your input in regards to my picture. I will keep that in mind.


It's hourly. I get paid $10 per hour. And yes I am using the Time Tracker.


Thank you Kathy for your suggestions.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Shane, 

If you look at your Reports > Overview, you will see that the money in question is on the Work in Progress tab, and In Review tab. 

The money in review represents hours logged last week that are now under review by your clients. Clients have 5 days to review your work diary. This also includes any fixed-price milestones you've submitted for review. Clients have 14 days to accept (or ask for changes on) submitted milestones.


The money in Work in Progress includes hours logged for the current work week. They will be automatically sent to the client for review Sunday night UTC (the close of the work week.) This also includes any fixed-price milestones that have been assigned to you. 


The "Only when my balance is $100.00 or more" means that if the available balance on your account is $100.00 or more, that's the only time that your earnings will automatically be credited to your account. 

Gentle reminder to also please use a profile photo that is a picture of yourself. It is a violation of the Upwork ToS to use any other photo for your profile picture other than a picture of yourself. I would suggest that you change it asap to prevent limitations on your account. 

~ Avery

I appreciate the response Avery! And I'll definitely work on that picture.