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How does location verification show on profile?

It seems my US location has been verified. Yesterday I submitted documents to complete the manual identity verification process. This morning Upwork emailed me to say my location "identification has been reviewed and accepted." When I sign in, Upwork tells me I can now submit proposals for US-only jobs. All seems well so far.


However, when I view my profile -- either as myself or as others see it -- I don't see anything indicating Upwork has verified my location. Under "Verifications", "Phone number" is listed and verified with a blue check. But that's it. Under "Location", Upwork correctly says "Seattle, WA" and "United States", but there's no blue check. As far as I can tell, my profile looks the same as before I completed the manual identify verification process.


If clients look at my profile, how can they see that my United States location has indeed been verified by Upwork? I would like my profile to show that Upwork has verified my location, if possible.



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Hi Douglas,

Once you are US verified you will be able to apply to 'U.S Only' jobs and clients will be able to see that you are located in the U.S, however I'm afraid we don't provide U.S verified profile badges.

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