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How many proposals do you send out?

I'm just getting started on Upwork.  I signed up yesterday.  I've sent out a number of proposals, but I'm not sure how long to let them sit?  If the client decides to go with someone else, will they automatically cancel themselves out, or do I need to (I can't abide clutter, even online)?  I just want to make sure I'm doing this all correctly. 

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Keep sending offers. Most clients will never answer you. You're wasting time while you wait.

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There's no benefit whatsoever in withdrawing your proposals; you won't get your connects back. Besides, I've sometimes had clients come back months later and hire me. Getting antsy after one day is certainly premature.


As for "clutter" - why check your proposals page at all? If a client is interested, they'll message you. There's no need for you to keep checking the status. It could take several weeks or months for you to get your first job, so it'll drive you crazy to keep monitoring your bids. Just send your proposals and then forget about them; you don't need to do anything further.

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For the very first week I sent over 20 proposals and only scammers wanted to talk. But things started getting better after 3 weeks.  Good luck, Kristi! Welcome to Upwork! 

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