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How much time an entry level freelancer took to get first job on Upwork?

Hello to all freelancers on Upwork. I am starting this thread to start discussion about time period an entry level freelancer took to get his/her first order. As many new freelancers are working hard and trying to get their first job but they are facing a lot of difficulties. 

Kindly give your suggetions.


Best wishes to everyone. 

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If you are new then always try to send proposals to new clients; seeking the lowest rates. Once you win a few projects then the other clients will trust your services and ultimately start your journey. Complete your profile and have patience. Add more and more of your work to your portfolio. Be regular and steadfast.

Thanks for the quality suggestion. It's helpful.

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I am facing the same problem. I have spent all my connects but I am jobless. 

Asma F,


Follow what Naveed A said. That is a good technique.


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It is okay to be a new freelancer.


But dont waste your time being an entry-level freelancer.

Preston H, 


Thanks for replying and giving us your expert advice. 


I want to ask a question on behalf of those students who just graduated and looking for online work while gaining relevant experience from other sources. Are they wasting their time? They are entry-level freelancers. Is Upwork not a  place for people like them across the globe?


Thanks again,

Stay blessed.

When I refer to "entry-level" freelancers as distinct from beginning freelancers, I am referring to people without any skills.


If a student has just graduated and has skills and knowledge, then they are not an "entry-level freelancer."


A person WITHOUT SKILLS would be better off working locally, not online.

Preston H, 


Yes, you are right. Thanks again for you worthwhile suggestions.



Hello Preston,

I also want to ask you a question.

Can we bid on more then 1 category jobs?

* Upwork has option to select min 10 categories on profile.

Hi Zoobia,


Yes, you can apply to jobs from more than one category. To make the most out of your submitted proposals, please ensure you apply to jobs only from the categories and skills listed on your profiles.


Thank you,


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