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How to avoid purchases canceled by one party ?

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Witur S Member Since: Mar 8, 2018
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It's been over 1 week, I got a job opportunity from one of my clients. At the beginning, we agreed to use hourly price. I agreed to the contract.

There was a technical error, the time records did not work, he complained to me. Problems can be solved when I tell that I'm new comer on Upwork.

A few days later my client chat me and express interested to buy my product, I offer fixed price and he approve.

Test product has been done for 2 time, every will transaction, he always ask again for test my product.

Based on previous experience, when the client performs the payment process there will be one more step, that the project has been completed which stated by the client.

If my client is not willing to declare that the project has been completed, do I still get payment from the work that I have completed it ?. Please advise.


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Apologize if my grammar not so good

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Hitur, 

I checked your account and I'm not sure what client you were referring to. If you are referring to the most recent closed hourly-contract, and you have submitted work for this project, I would suggest that you ask your client to issue you a bonus payment for the work that you have completed. 

For hourly contracts, please be sure to log time for the hours worked so that your client's payment method is charged, and you are paid automatically. You may read this help article to know more on how you can get paid for hourly contracts. 

I would also recommend that you read up on these best practices and tips we have compiled to help you with your freelancing business. 

~ Avery
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Witur S Member Since: Mar 8, 2018
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Thanks Avery,

Indeed there is currently no new contracts again but he said that he agrees my fixed price contract model that I propose.

Currently in negotiation process. My question is "Is it possible to happen, after my work is done, then my client declare is not finished yet, so the payment process becomes delayed".

It can happen because every will start the contract process, he always wanted another explanation.

If the above is still possible, maybe I will think twice to accept his project.



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Melissa C Member Since: Jul 22, 2017
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First, you need to have a contract to get paid.

Second, yes. Unfortunately there is a loophole where a client can request revisions indefinitely, therefore holding your payment hostage. This does not happen often, has never happened to me, but you asked if it was possible and the answer to that is yes, it is a possibility in a fixed price contract.

Make sure that you have a contract, that the full amount for your milestones or the job is funded in escrow, that the client has a verified payment method, and that you don't submit your work through the messages, but through the official "submit work" button on your contract page. Once you've done that, your client will have two weeks to either accept the work or to request revisions. So take it one small milestone at a time if you feel suspicious about the client.

Actually, if you feel suspicious about the client it would be in your best interest to not accept a contract with them.

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Witur S Member Since: Mar 8, 2018
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Hi Mellisa,

Thank you very much for your super advice, yes I am a bit suspicious, as the hourly contract goes on and I say that the timekeeper is not running, he kinda force me to continue. Especially now he started to chat me through other upwork menu ....

Once again thank you Mellisa.