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How to contact upwork support for profile page updates?

Hello Support,


I'm exploring upwork for freelancing. How do I update my name prior to submitting my profile. This seems like it should be an intuitive setting but I do not see a viable option in my upwork profile page.


Also, what's the best way to contact customer support? I'm assuming customer support and community support are different.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Chris,


Please complete your application form and submit it for the review by clicking the Submit Profile at the bottom of the page. Once you do this you will be able to update your name by going to Settings and using the edit button.


You can access support options by clicking the Get Help button at the bottom of this page. But we're also here to help. 


Thank you!

~ Bojan

I tried clicking the Get Help button twice prior to creating this topic and both times it directed me to the community. Is customer support not available for basic freelance accounts? I even tried calling the customer support number but it went to voicemail.

So is community support the only support available for freelancers? Seems like clients get a lot more of the benefits than freelancers.

Hi Chris,


Due to the volume of users on the platform, some support options aren't always available for all users. That said, Top Rated freelancers always have access to premium support.


You can always reach out to us here in the Community and we'll gladly assist you with any concern you might have or have the correct support team assist you.

~ Bojan

So are you saying only Top Rated freelancers get the customer support option and the rest of the other freelancers have to deal with community support? Sorry but your response is vague and is not that helpful. What happens if I have a payment dispute or I haven't received my payment for services rendered? How would that get escalated for assistance? 

Hi Chris,


If you need assistance, you can always request here in the Community if you are not able to reach out using other support channels. We would be happy to assist you and direct your concerns to appropriate teams. You can also send us (moderators) a PM by clicking on our names. Thank you. 

~ Joanne
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