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How to deal with possible scammer?

Brand new just started using the site looking for some clients. I bid on a job asking for the audio recording of some male Italian speakers. Anyway got a reply back with a bunch of instructions to download an app, record some phrases and then payment would be sent. 

So already kind of sketchy but the account has over 60K spent and over 500 reviews at nearly 5 stars so I figured ok take the risk, after all need to get started some way. 

Anyway sure enough the guy used to reply back almost instantaneously and now is nowhere to be seen. Want to give him a bit more time just in case he really is busy, but I am guessing the app he got me to download with my phone must have malware on it. Is there someone I can contact at Upwork that can look into this guy? Wouldn't want him to steal damaging information from newbies just looking to get started.


Hi Marco,


Thank you for reaching out to us. Please know that Upwork may look into their account if you flag them but we will not be sharing results of the investigation with you.


To keep yourself safe in the marketplace, we suggest you check these tips on avoiding questionable jobs.

~ AJ
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