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How to delete my resume on file?

Hi all, I am new here. Can anyone please advise how to delete an uploaded resume from my account? Thanks.

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Community Manager

Hi Melody,


Could you please clarify if you're referring to proposals you submitted? If that's the case, you can withdraw your proposals by going to Find Work > Proposals > Submitted Proposals.

~ Vladimir

Hi Vladimir G, thanks for responding. I have an updated CV and wanting to replace the old one on to my profile. I could't find how to do that. Appreciate your advise, thanks.

To revise anything in your profile, just hover the text and you'll see a pencil icon. Click on that and revise and save.

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I cant see my Resume in profile i want to change it can you please help me 

Hi Anantha,


Thank you for your message. There is no option to upload a resume on your Upwork profile. Are you referring to uploading your resume on the proposals? 


Thank you,



Yes there is. It's like the 2nd step in the process of signing up for Upwork. It clearly says "Upload Your Resume." And of course somehow my files got mixed up and my cover letter became my resume and my resume became my cover letter. All I want is to take it out or down and there is zero access to it.

     I know I am not going crazy. I will create a brand new account and go thru the steps with you to show you there is a step that says "Upload Resume." Please help.


Hi Matt,


It looks like you're referring to the flow you go through when creating your account. After your account is created, there is no option to upload a resume to your profile. I understand how that may have been confusing. At this stage, you're free to edit your profile using the pencil icons found in each section.


Please refrain from creating another account as this is against our Terms of Service.


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