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How to find if a client is good or bad?



It's been 3rd time in a month that I am facing a bad client. Client hired me for a fixed project, I worked according to offer and finished the work before deadline but when I ask for payment they say work this as well or I am gonna cancel the contract and If I cancel the contract as I've done previously then they give a negative feedback. After that, to remove that negative feedback we have to return the amount so all the work done and time have been wasted. Even worse, Because we've refunded the amount, that also decreases job success score. So, If anyone knows then please tell me how to deal with this situation?




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You have two problems, not just one.


You may be dealing with some bad clients - clients who do not understand how to properly use fixed-price contracts.


But your bigger problem is that the freelancer does not know how to manage these contracts properly.


The freelancer should not take on assignments that she can not complete to the full satisfaction of the client.


The freelancer should not submit quality work, and then issue a refund to the client just because the client does not want to pay her.


If the freelancer is not yet ready to take on fixed-price contracts, then she should study more about how to successfully manage such contracts. There is much information that can be found on this topic in the Community Forum.

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I never request payment from a client, I let the system UpWork has in place for payments to work. The only time I request a payment is if it' ready to be delivered and is available to me to withdraw. In a way, requesting payment can make some clients feel you are being pushy, causing them to act negitively towards you and your feedback.

When you see a job you feel you can do, look at other projects the client has had in the past and read the projects feedback and go to the freelancers page to see if theat client gave positive or negitive feedback. I do this with every project I am submitting a proposal to. I'd rather be forewarned than find out later.

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Pooja, there are a few things I would like to tell you:

  • Don't let the client put pressure on you. Sure they can always try to thread you with a negative feedback. If they do, report the client.
  • Use the official payment request when delivering your work. The money should be in escrow. There is no need for further communication. Keep in mind that time is money. Don't waste yours or other people's time with unnecessary messages.
  • Make sure there is the whole amount in escrow.
  • When you work on a fixed price contract, define how many revisions you will do beforehand.
  • Do not return money if you feel you have worked for it and earned it. If a client wants to leave a negative feedback, he will anyway.
  • Ignore the JSS and feedback.
  • I am not sure if your hourly rate matches your experience. Low rates give sometimes the impression that the quality is just as low. Some clients might also look down on you.
  • Leave an honest feedback.
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