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How to find jobs without 90% job score or rising talent?

How do I search for jobs/projects that do not have preferred qualifications?


Right now, as a new freelancer, I do not meet the requirements of Job Score 90%+ or Rising Talent. This excludes me from applying from many jobs on UpWork.


The current search filters do not have the option to exclude jobs with job score / rising talent requirements.


How to find jobs without 90% job score or rising talent?

I'd like to find a faster way, rather than 1 by 1 or manually.


JSS of 90 or above is a suggestion, not a requirement.  You are free to apply, emphasizing your experience and expertise in your field.  None of us had a JSS when we started - we just jumped in and sent the best proposals we could.

I think OP made a valid point, even if 90% JS is merely a "Preferred Qualification". It may behoove Upwork to provide a Job Success Score filter when searching jobs, for the benefit of freelancers with less than 90% JS, although I suspect most new jobs specify 90% anyway.

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The kudo was for using the work "behoove". 🙂

I agree, I just started on UpWork, and I feel like its impossible to get a job because I don't have the job score or the number of hours they require. I feel applied to at least 8 jobs with a score, but I feel they don't even look at me bc of it. any more suggestions?

Don't get discouraged, Keren. I used to be in your position, but I still applied to job offers that stated a number of hours higher than the one I had.


I would add to my cover letter that if I hadn't worked the required number of hours on Upwork, I had elsewhere. And sometimes it worked.


Dear fellas, All due respect, It's OK that we have to gain our JSS and gain work hours gradually, the thing is, why there is no option for freelancers to filter all these posted jobs their are not qualified for? why we have to open and look inside all the jobs 1 by 1? what's wrong with making the life easier? It's pretty much like finding a needle in a haystack...!

There is such an option:


. go to the find work page

. click on the white magnifying glass with a green background

. click on filters


Hope this will help.

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