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How to find right job

Hello ! 


There are so many jobs in upwork just posted and no one was hired evey month most of contacts are wasted i know there is know there is nothing to do about that but any advice to spend my contacts more usefully ?


Best Regards,


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Instead of wasting your connects by applying to every single job. Apply for the jobs that you think you're really qualified and good fit for. When you apply for every single job posted with generic and copy cutter proposal. You waste your connects and not even get the job. So focus on quality instead of quantity. Apply only for the jobs that you can do best with personalized proposals. 

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When you first join UpWork, it does look very appealing when you look at so much job postings and think of all of them as opportunities for you. But remember, there are also so much freelancers also looking for jobs, and some of them that also apply, could be more qualified for some jobs than you are.


The best thing is to think of your connections as some kind of treasure, and use them when you actually find a job you think you are a perfect fit for! Also, do not forget to always personalize your Cover Letters instead of copy/pasting them, as very often the employer notices that, and might go with someone that was more direct to them.


The best tip you can get is to always make sure that your cover letters are unique, never forget to mention why you think you are the right person for the job, and always mention your past experience that is actually relevant to the job that you are applying (if you have past experience, if not, just be honest with the potential employer, they'd appreciate it more than lying)


Good luck!! 🙂

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