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How to find work on here??

Hi, debut post. 


1. I'm new to Upload and freelancing in general. I've noticed this site picks out words from my career history or geograpy and assumes I want to continue in that area when the whole point of being on here is that I want to keep an open mind on everything.


2. The jobsearch is also incredibly difficult to use. Are there any additional filters to weed out irrelevant jobs or scams? I urgently need work and don't have time to waste.


3. As a newbie I have no track record on here so it's a vicious circle. I have excellent English and 25 years' of work experience in all sorts of areas but no idea how to get that across on here.


Any advice welcome. thanks

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Hi Oliver,

Welcome abroad. First of all, any kind of a freelancing platforms are highly competitive. So is Upwork. Keep that in your mind and continue.


Your 1st goal is to land on your first job. To do so you need to complete your pofile. I just visited yours and it does not shows your portfolio. You must have lots of past works to show. So show them.

And in description, you should put your services in bulleted format so that anyone can read it easier. You can put up 15 skills, so I suggest you fill em up with your skills.  There you got a chance to be open minded about everything. Later you can sort down specialized profile for each type of work you are good at.

Get some testimonials from your past clients.


You must already have some free connects. Completing your profile gives you some too. Spend thos connect to submit proposals for posted jobs. Better filtering and detect scams are basically general experiance. Keep your eyes open and send proposals to best match. To jobs you can perfectly complete. Good luck.


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