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How to get clients and a better profile

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Laschae C Member Since: May 5, 2017
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Hello! My name Laschae! i am quite new to this and i was wondering if i could get some tips ton how to get clients and approve my profile and tatics on here. Any suggestions will be much appreciated!





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Robinson P Member Since: May 5, 2017
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Hi Laschae


Welcome to this platform, and remember that we all started from scratch and needed help.


The first thing to do, first of all is to collect all your work done, sort them progressively and upload them to your portfolio in the profile, if a client wants to hire you is one of the things that go to review.


Keep active on the platform and analyze the works that are posting is also a very good strategy, look at the data of the employer before applying for an offer as you do not want to lose valuable "connects".


You must understand that this labor market is worldwide, therefore as there is work there is a lot of competition and it is essential that you better your jobs constantly, learn new things related to your field and nourish your strengths.



At first it is recommended that you be a generalist (if your area is graphic design, you know a little of everything is ideal) this is for you to capture customers, no matter how much you charge or if the job is simple, your main objective is to attract customers , Learn to sell and when you have affirmed some clients you can opt for a specific sector (for example, logo design or packaging design).


These things helped me enormously, I hope you are lucky and never stop improving in your work, it is tedious and frustrating at first but as long as you do not have job offers, do practice work and post them in your portfolio.

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Laschae, 

You may also want to check out these freelancer resources compiled by our team to help you get started on the platform. 

Welcome to Upwork, and good luck!