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How to get hired without a freelance portfolio

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Bud S Member Since: Mar 20, 2016
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Hello Lisa, You could start your own blog for free on Wordpress. Then write a few short articles of the type you do best. Stay encouraged, because it takes time to get a start as a freelancer. Bud

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Lisa M Member Since: Apr 11, 2017
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Wow, I didn't know about that, probably because I don't know Wordpress, but I assume I can teach myself? Thanks for the great suggestion - I've thought about creating a website using Wix but haven't done it yet. Thanks a lot, Bud!

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Sharon L Member Since: Jun 14, 2015
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In addition to a portfolio, it may be of use to read some papers on Google Scholar. You can pick any discipline you like, and it is all cutting-edge work. This may help to prepare yourself for a job, and you can even mention it in your profile, as if you can understand the work in academic papers, you may be able to literally do anything.


EDIT: I see you used to convert scientific content into plain English. That is great. Perhaps you can branch out into reading academic papers in disciplines you have not tried before.

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Lisa M Member Since: Apr 11, 2017
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Thanks Sharon - I'm glad I finally posted my frustrations - I've received a great deal of helpful feedback. I will explore all of this, so I really appreciate the useful suggestions!

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Kat C Member Since: Jul 11, 2016
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If you're going to advertise yourself as a writer...


Pick a lane...


Clients search on Upwork for writers with expertise in specific areas. 


I understand this is different from the world "outside of Upwork."


I've written everything from dissertations to several fictional novels. But, here, within the bowels of the Upwork beastie, choose your word weapons (and choose the jobs carefully as well).


Editorial jobs are a saturated market. So, you need a unique value proposition (yes, I used that term, as buzzy as it is in the enterprise world!) to stand out.


Best of luck to you! 

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Faisal R Member Since: Aug 1, 2020
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Hey Lisa,

I am so happy to see that you haven't given up on it and you have succeeded.

It's very inspirational when I saw your post and your upwork profile. YOU DID IT!!!! ☺️

Happy for you, I am new on upwork and noticing the same feeling when my proposals get no replies 😁

Keep up the good work.

Best Regards,