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How to get hired?

Hello good day,I'm new in upwork and I'm sending lots of proposals but my chance is low.T_T

Can I have a sort of advices or techniques on how to win a projects?

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Hi Pol,

Connects are no longer free. You have to buy them. The Plus plan gives 70/month or you can buy them for $0.15/connect. I wonder if they give you 20 free when you join. 



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You can search the forums and online for general tips. I found this tip on Reddit. Constantly browse the job listing and apply to jobs immediately. I keep upwork on my phone. When new jobs show up, apply immediately, Usually 10-30 minutes after the job was posted. This generally gets me within the first 5-10 proposals. 


I tried this last week and got three small jobs from it. I recommend doing this on small jobs first. That way you get enough jobs for a job success score. 

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