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How to get top rated in 4 months.

1. Get your #firstjob, i regularly bid on projects but never got a reply then i found why they hire me when clients already have good talents to hire, then i resolved this issue by sending sample of what they want with bids
ex:- i send complete webpage html, css of example provided on their job post with my cover letter

2. Always give something higher than client's #expectations

3. Asking for #goodreview is not a bad idea but always ask it in a very proper way

4. Never ever waste your connects, #Bid mostly on projects which you have made in past if you don't have any projects then read job description and try to make it, add that project to your github it will sooner or later help you

5. Never stop learning

6. The better you speak, the better you get, it doesn't mean English, it means sense of talking

7. Be hungry for work not for money

8. #Upwork always help new #freelancers with #risingtalent badge, if you just perform well

9. Never let yourself down, if you don't get projects even in months, just keep your patience and always place bids on relevant jobs

10. Always ask exact work requirements before taking any project, care about your profile not about work

All the best 👍
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