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How to know Client response for submitted proposal

I am a Freelance Web Designer from Pune, India . I am new to Upwork community. I have submitted many porposals.   I would like to know whether client has read/  considered my proposal? IIs there way to know response of the client to the submitted proposal ?


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Yes they reply to you.
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There's not really any way you tell directly. You can look at the original post and see how long it's been since the client last interacted with it, but it won't tell you if your specific proposal was viewed.


It's more like applying for a regular job in that, most of the time, you never hear anything back from a potential client.


Best thing to do is apply, then forget about it unless they decide to interview/hire you.

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Client reply: you get message and one active candidacy

Client offer: you get offer notification

Client decline: you get notification

Client don't even open: you get no notification but one submitted proposal

Client don't open your proposal and hire someone else: no notification and the submitted proposal gone

Hieu T
Vietnamese translator

that's kinda bad ..
upwork should make a module to let us know what happens with our proposal //

My thought exactly! they should have a  feedback channel

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Hi bro , I get confused too!
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