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How to know what should be my bid for multi-person task?

Please consider a job posting like this - **edited for Community Guidelines**


They have a Fixed Price budget of $80

They need a team of 20

Freelance work per person - at least 20 hours a week.


I am confused how much should my bid may be. Are those $80 divided into 20 people? That means $4 per person. Is this per hour bid? But then it says "Fixed Price".


How should I choose my bid?


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It does not matter how many other people are on the team.


You bid your rate.


If your rate of to do his task for $80, then that is what you bid.


You decide what your time and skill are worth, not the client.

And I know you don't think it is a good idea to volunteer to work at least 20 hours during one week for a fixed-price sum of $4.00

Priyanka, this client has never hired anyone at Upwork and has an unverified payment method so my advice is you shouldn’t apply for the job. While a few clients might hire 20 people at once, I think it’s very unlikely a new client will do that on their first job posted.
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