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How to offer services in English + in another language ?

Hi guys,

I am working on creating my profile and I plan to have specialized profiles : 1 for webdesign and web development, the other one for web writing.


For webdesign and web development, I can offer my services in English and in French.

For web writing, I can offer my services in French only.


What would be the best way to handle this "multi languages" offers on my profile ?

Many thanks for your help and support !

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Anne-Sophie, 

I'm sorry we missed replying to your post. I checked your account, and it looks like you have included all the languages you can communicate with.

Currently, there is no option to specify a language you're offering in a Specialized Profile. That's actually a good suggestion, in my opinion, and I'll go ahead and share it with the team for their consideration.

I can see that you created a workaround by specifying which languages you can offer with your Specialized profile. While there is no option to specify a specific language in a Specialized Profile, I believe your workaround works, and clients will get the idea easily. 

I do see that one of your Specialized Profiles is not in English. As a gentle reminder, if you want to write your profile overview in English, please make sure to accompany it with an English translation to comply with our Terms of Service. 

Anyway, please don't hesitate to send your questions here in the Community so that our team can help you. Have a great day!

~ Avery

Many thanks for your answer ! I will translate my Profile overview from French to English then 🙂

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