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How to proceed when I realize a client is a scam?

Hello everyone. I am new to the platform and I was very happy about getting my first proposal and interview. But, after I chose the project, the company recruiter told me that I need to pay $50 as a "onetime refundable deposit". She told me that every new employee needs to do that. I was confused, so I researched here in this forum and i found this post (https://community.upwork.com/t5/Community-Blog/Top-Red-Flags-for-Scams-From-Community-Member-Wes-C/b.... It was this moment that I realized it was a scam. The project was amazing and I was really excited about, even because I'm in a moment of need. 

So, How can I proceed now? The recruter even told me that this is normal for her company and it's not a violation of Upwork terms because they are not affiliated to Upwork. I have all the conversation but i do not know if i can post here.

thanks a lot! 

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