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How to tell if job offer is a scam

I am fairly new to upwork and I'm trying to figure everything out. I've applied to many jobs and so far have one that I feel could be a possible hit. They emailed me directly through upwork then shot me a text message. They went over the job and asked if I had the office equipment to complete the tasks. I replied back stating I did, then they sent me an email with a personal contract with all the more information about the job and the pay. They also stated the pay would be sent via moneygram. I dont know how to view this, is this a scam or could this possible be a legit job. 

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Community Manager

Hi Cody,

Please know that paying and accepting to be paid off the platform is a violation of the Upwork User Agreement which may result to a suspension of your account. 

I would recommend that you read on these tips for avoiding questionable jobs, and the Safety First! section of the freelancer resources we compiled for more information about working safely through Upwork.

I would also suggest that you read up on this help article that identifies what actions may result in a temporary or permanent hold of your account. 

EDIT: Cody, I was unable to identify which client you are referring to. Please send me a private message with the client's job post link so that I can send it to the team for their review.

~ Avery
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Office equipment?



Sorry, Cody.


That guy just wants to steal your money.

Want to see something funny?


This is a lengthy, detailed description of scams that involve scammers using Moneygram. It repeatedly warns against using Moneygram with strangers.


Where can you find this document? On the official Moneygram website.


Let's set aside (for a moment) the fact that going along with this offer would be grounds for having your Upwork account suspended or terminated...


There was never any money to be made. You were being set up for a common scam that could have ended with you losing 2 to 3 thousand dollars.


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