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How to win more jobs

I have been working on upwork since 2012. I have a good track record. However, since 2020 i didnt do significant work. Recently, i started working again as a  content writer. However, i am unable to win jobs of my liking. Can somebody look at my profile and guide me. I am working on a few contracts but I believe with my experience and success on upwork, i should be able to win more.

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Hi Atifa,


Since you are marketing your skills as a writer, I would recommend polishing your "About Me" section a bit more. The section is very long and not as concise as it should be. As a writer, you need to demonstrate your skill right away—by having high-quality content directly in your profile. Try looking at other writer's profiles for reference and continue to build your skills by reading and writing regularly. I'm sure you'll get more work soon! 🙂

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