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How would any UpWork Pro rate my profile out of 10?


I am new to UpWork and I am yet to get my first job. I am very specific about what type of services I want to sell and I have taken a relevant exam to demonstrate my expertize. 


Could any UpWork pro tell me if my profile is competent to get an entry-level job?


I look forward to receiving any helpful tips/comments/guidelines from UpWork veterans (pros).


New To UpWork

Sahan (Unofficial Nickname)
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  • Change your profile name to your proper name, not only is it a requirement, it also looks bad that way.
  • Change your photo. All I see is yellow flowers. Use a clear headshot and smile, look approachable and professional
  • Reorder your overview. Maybe start with "Most SEO projects fail because more than 50% of the buyers who ask for SEO service do not have a clue what SEO is and how it works. "
  • LOSE: "I have been studying SEO since 2010" and "I am the best SEO Consultant on UpWork @ $15 Per Hour."
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Hello Miss Petra,


I appreciate your mentorship.

I have the following concerns now:


- I have attached an image. I have selected the option as shown in the image but UpWork is not showing my full Last Name. I wonder if it's a bug. My first name is "I S M" and I can't hide that either.


- Does my current profile picture work?


- Thoughts on the "Overview" section. (I have reordered it)

- Should I hide the "SEO Test" result because I'm not within the top 10%?

Sahan (My Nickname)

Sahan (Unofficial Nickname)

Hi Sahan,


Search engines will show your full first and last name if you choose that option. However, in Upwork freelancer search all profiles show first name and last name initial by default. 

~ Valeria
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