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I am new here.

How can I win any project by sending proposals? How can I attract clients with my proposals? Please give me some tips that can be helpful for me. Thanks

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Welcome to Upwork,


1. make sure you have read all the rules, watched videos, etc.

2. create a good profile

3. browse jobs, see what looks good, learn from what people are asking for and so on

4. start submitting to jobs you know you can do.

5. build a history and yes, that takes time

6. do a great job and clients will leave you a good review.


It takes time, patience, very hard work but its worth it, You also need to always be learning!

I am sending proposals but got no view on my profile. 

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You have to keep going, work on your proposal. etc.

Yes, I am working on it. Thanks

I got a rising talent badge but I didn't get a 30 connects why?

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Ooh, they infiltrated Community as well. Wall is breached.

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