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I am not getting paid for work performed on Upwork.

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Michael W Member Since: Jul 21, 2020
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I am owed money from UpWork.  I have NEVER seen a payment from Upwork.  I am over the $100 minimum owed.  Payday after payday goes by and no money.  I finally notice that my bank account needs to be verified.  I had NO IDEA!  I was never notified about that process.  Now, when I click on 'verify account' nothing happens.  No test deposits sent to my bank.  In two more days, another payday, which will be missed.  Cannot find a helpline to UpWork; only forums and a very stupid bot that can't offer me help!  I have spent hours on this, when I should be looking for work!  

Thanks so much to anyone who can help!  

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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You know you can manually withdraw too, right? You don't have to wait for any paydays.

Andrea G Moderator Member Since: Jul 7, 2020
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Hi Michael,


I checked your account and it looks like you added your ACH payment method some time ago. When you first added your bank account, Upwork deposited 2 small verification amounts to your account. They would be deposits and include "Upwork" in the description. You should be able to locate them on your bank statement from around the time you added the account, and enter them to the two fields in the verification form. Once it's verified, you should be able to use your account for withdrawals.