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I am not understating how the contract/milestone process works?

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George A Member Since: Oct 25, 2019
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Im a new freelancer and i am not understaning how to go about accpeting/modifying my first contract. I understand what a milestone is but what i dont understand is how do i get the details about the contract? 


Viewing the offer I dont see a modfiy option. Am i suppose to communicate wit the client through the messaging feature to get those specifics I need? Or do i accpet the offer first and then I am able to modify from there? (I dont believe this is appropiate).


The client has submitted a milestone for half the amount of my original bid. I understand a submitted milestone is good, but what do I do now being that I only have the general idea of what the client wants? 




George Acosta 

Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi George,


Thank you for reaching out to us with this question. The Client sends you an offer for you to review and accept. To propose new terms please write a message to the Client, so that they can review those, change your offer and send it back to you for the review. Please check this help article for more information about the Interview process and Negotiating with the Client.


Once you have reviewed the offer and accepted the terms, a contract will be created. You will be able to see your contracts under the 'My jobs'. Please make sure there is a contract in place before you do any work for any Client. 


Also, please check out these threads Getting Started on Upwork and Hiring Headquarters. There you’ll find some excellent articles and learn more about Upwork. 


Thank you!

~ Bojan